Jan 3, 2009

Brand New

Hey blog lovers =]


So, this is my new blog: Adorably Juicy. It is my second blog. I chose to do it since my older one wasn't giving me the satisfaction I desired. And well I thought that a new year must include a revamp and a massive reconstruction. I feel I've changed and so must the blog, don't worry I don't think I would go for this trouble again...but I wish that this blog might establish itself faster, have loads of you followers and that rounded figure digit near the comments would turn into, at least, some kind of other number more than my fingers can count.

Adorably Juicy represents me, my life, style, fashion and fun. I made a promise to myself as a New Year's resolution: That I will try to do my best and post every single day, obviously with good ones not just some crap.

I hope that it will turn into a success. I mean who doesn't??? This though depends also on you I'd love if you'd give me some feedback whatever that is.

I'm also planning to make an ebay account and sell some stuff .....I'm so excitied can't wait to begin ...I'm gonna go fetch some material.

((ps: dont you think that the picture is cute?? ^^))

Happy Holidays,

x.o.x.o Fashion Princess


  1. guess not.

    well, it's absolutely j'adorable. <3

    heart the name!

    can't wait for you to get starteded. ;)

  2. Hi! Happy new year to you, too!
    This was a new beginning for me, too, for the same reasons you listed (changes, lust for reconstruction and so on), I'm very lucky I found your blog today, I think I'll become one of your followers! ^^