Feb 3, 2009

SOS : Fashion Emergency

So next Saturday there's this party. Everyone's going to be there and my Birthday is on Tuesday so im going to celebrate it hard on Saturday instead. but and there's a BIG BUT i don't know what to wear...Any help on what should i wear to a place crowded by teen party animals (including myself) sweating themselves (this does not include me) on the dancefloor whilst i'm still driving around the streets enjoying a limo ride ??

Just a site, an idea, a party dress maybe?? any help =]

FASHION PRINCESS ..lost her soul

ps: i was going to buy the dress above from lipsy, before my friend did *grr*

till then tc xxx


  1. ah. i am in love with this betsey johson:

    but a more reasonable dress would be:

  2. ooo that dress is cute, too bad your friend nabbed it first ;P I really like this dress from Forever 21, though:

    with some accessories and tousled hair and smoky eyes, it can really give off a rocker vibe, which I'm pretty sure you could pull off ;) happy birthday sweetie!!

    xoxo Steph